5 benefits of playing slots at an online casino

Take a look around, it may not seem immediately clear but the world of gambling has changed. The fresh-faced digital realm has replaced the once stodgy and unwelcoming land based casinos of the world. These new online casinos have revolutionised the way people play through several key factors. One of those key reasons is the innovation and continual development of the online slots genre. Looking at online slots in more detail, here are five reasons as to why you should play them online rather than visit a land-based casino.

Casino Bonuses

At a land based casino qualifying for comps is often a fairly tall order. This is because you first need to become a well-established casino member, and then you will need to part with plenty of money at the machines. Casino bonuses works differently, as while the rewards are by no means as big, they are much easier to get hold of. Initially those new to the field can get hold of a “welcome bonus” or “sign-up bonus”. These bonuses are often issued at the point of registration or when an initial deposit is made. From there a player can play more and eventually unlock reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, VIP bonuses, and more.

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Increased Tempo

Representing a change in both dynamic and game mechanics, online slot games move at a far quicker pace than their land-based counterparts. Playing online means that you aren’t left waiting around on a machine to become available, nor can clunky mechanisms disturb your gameplay. You simply logon, select a game that takes your fancy, click the spin button and that’s it. The game will then get underway, with no need to mess around with coins and notes or pull any levers. Fast paced and fun, online slot games speed up the pace and it is clearly for the better.


Don’t fancy sitting around all day and playing a slot game manually? Well don’t worry, as online you don’t have to. Autoplay is now a regular feature among various online slot games and it allows the player to put the game on an autopilot like setting. When used the game will play automatically until a set number of spins have taken place or until the player steps in and stops proceedings manually. Autospin makes playing online slots quite literally effortless.

Cashless Transactions

When you spin the slots at a land-based casino you need to have plenty of cash handy. More specifically you need to have plenty of notes and coins ready to use, which can at times prove to problematic. Playing online is a cashless affair, with all transactions handled digitally; this makes fumbling around for money to use on slot games a thing of the past choice.

Constant Choice

Choice, choice, and more choice is what players will have when they choose to play online slots. As you will see at any online casino portal, slot games can be found in their hundreds, while the selection of online casinos themselves being just as varied. It’s not just the selection of slot games that is huge, but there are also tons of promotions available for slots in the UK. Sites like freespins.uk.com helps finding the greatest free spins no deposit casino uk, and is a great place to visit if you’re looking to play casino games for free!

New Year online casino promotions to consider

The clock has struck 12am, which means that 2016 is now upon us. For most that means the New Years resolutions are underway, while for others it means a clean slate as far as online casino gaming is concerned. Speaking on the latter, we suspect that 1000s of players will be forgetting prior losses and going for it all once again this January. While hitting the wheels and reels is the perfect way to kick start 2016, you shouldn’t be in a mad rush to do so. Before you click the wager button take a step back and arm yourself with some rewarding bonuses before you bet anywhere.

The very best online casinos in the world understand that new year is a key time for securing new business, so they often go all out to catch the eye of perspective players. With so many offers floating around the online casino landscape, it can often be hard to find a promotion that truly lives up to the hype. One of the best platform for finding bonuses is onlinecasino.plus, but we’ve attempted to make our list here below to help you on the way. Making sure that players stay one step ahead of the ‘game’, the following is a selection of New Years promotions that are worth their weight in gold.

Casino X – Up to €2000 in bonuses and 30 Free Starburst Spins

The very first name to catch our eye as far as promotions are concerned is the true industry up and comer of the moment. Casino X may not have been on your radar in 2015, but there is no denying that they will be in 2016. Those who don’t already have Casino X accounts are in for a real treat, as should they register soon they can claim a hefty bonus. You can get up to a whopping €2000 in bonuses spread out over your first four deposits. Blending a mega-collection of games with a serious sign-up promotion, you can safely bet on Casino X when it comes to entertainment this year.

Tivoli Casino – €250 Matched (up to €250) and 50 Free Sparks Scene

It seems that Tivoli Casino is coming out swinging this January, as they have unveiled a truly knockout promotion for all new members. The brand new promotion comes in two different forms, one for those who wish to deposit and one for those who don’t wish to deposit. Those who don’t wish to make a deposit can enter the code ‘F20BST’ when they register to claim a ‘no money needed’ 20 free spins for use on Starburst. However, those with money to spare can use the code ‘OCR150’ when they deposit to get their hands on an extra special offer. Do this and you’ll get not only a 150% match deposit bonus of up to €250, but 50 free spins for use on Sparks on top of that.

Bet365 – 200% (up to €200)

It wouldn’t be a true countdown of leading New Year promotions if Bet365 didn’t make an appearance somewhere on the list. They were a truly monstrous name in 2015, becoming one of the biggest names in the industry during the year, so it is only fitting that they kicked off 2016 on the right foot. Those who want to get in on the Bet365 action can claim a hefty bonus when they register this January, as up to €200 is available through a 200% matched first deposit offer.

Mega Moolah makes Afghanistan veteran an instant millionaire

Progressive jackpot games have taken the realm of online slot games to new heights. Offering truly monstrous jackpots, these games allow players to live the dream by potentially becoming an instant millionaire. Mega Moolah is the progressive slots title that is making all the online casino portal news headlines right now and seemingly for good reason. It was recently described as being “fit to burst” with a whopping £13 million jackpot up for grabs, but now it seems that it has finally paid out to one lucky player.

British soldier Jon Heywood has written his name into history. The Afghanistan veteran became an instant multimillionaire through just a 25p bet on Mega Moolah when playing at Betway. It has been said before, but given Mr Heywood’s story, to a nicer guy it couldn’t happen.

Truly Life Changing

The huge win is not only record breaking for the Mega Moolah game itself; it is truly life changing for the winner. By all accounts Mr Heywood has had a tough 2015 thus far. His grandfather passed away earlier in the year, while his father is currently unwell and awaiting both lung and heart transplants. In a truly noble act, he is set to put his money to work immediately in order to provide his father with the “best medical treatment that money can buy”. It seems that Mr Heywood will use the money in a way that most fellow players would truly applaud.

Personal Extravagance

Knowing that his life is about to get a lot easier, it seems that Mr Heywood has looked to splash out on few luxury items. Taking the £13,213,838.68 prize pot that he has banked, he is all set to purchase a luxury car and a new home. He has spoken on his love for Formula 1 in the past and looks set to add a speed demon to his garage. By all accounts he is already looking to live his dream and buy himself a brand new Bentley. On top of that he his also set to head on a Mediterranean cruise, which should give him plenty of time to relax and think about how he can spend the rest of his new found fortune.

Positive Thoughts

Given the public nature of his win, it is no surprise to see the media look for Mr Heywood to speak out. Thankfully for those looking for headlines he hasn’t been shy on the matter. Mr Heywood says, “It is truly amazing and I still can’t believe that I’ve won, it has been a few days yet and it still hasn’t quite sunk in that I’m now a millionaire. The first thing I plan on spending the money on is helping my dad, he has been of ill-health lately and I feel that the money can help get him the care he needs”. Following on he said, “Family is obviously of great importance to me and I would give up all the money that I’ve won in order to see my dad be fully healthy again”. Luxury hasn’t escaped Mr Heywood’s mind either, “I want to buy myself a yellow Bentley Continental GT as I’ve always wanted one. I drive a Fiat Punto right now, so it is definitely the right time to upgrade.”

Who’s Next?

Through playing Mega Moolah at Betway, Mr Heywood has managed to change his life and that of those around him. It’s not only on Betway that this classic slot machine is available. You can find it at many of the casinos listed at MrCasinon.com, a site which offers reviews on casinos such as for example Royal Panda. Don’t miss out on becoming a progressive slots success story in your own right, log-on and take a chance on Mega Moolah today.

Online casino gaming growth continues in the Netherlands

Across Europe online casino gaming is more popular than ever. Membership levels are up, prize levels are up, player interaction is at near all time highs and gaming blogs are full of recommendations of popular online casinos. With all this positivity surrounding the market, it is no surprise to see nation after nation looking to get a piece of the action. In fact, even unregulated European markets are positing positive results with views to full-regulation in the future. One nation that definitely fits into that description is the Netherlands. The Dutch are seeing the green shoots of progress emerge when it comes to online casino gaming.

Market Improvements

The Netherlands based online casino market intrigues many analysts, largely as while unregulated at this point, they are still showing increasingly positive signs. Considered a fertile test market to some, the country’s gaming governing body has posted results that show 7.6% market growth, with more to come in the eyes of Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) before 2015 ends. In terms of financials, gross gambling revenues are set to hit record highs or near €300 million. Considering the amount of players playing online the figure has caught many off guard. The current population of the Netherlands is 16.9 million, with only 437,000 actually gambling online. Many wonder if such engagement was able to generate nearly €300 million, what an increase could do.

Men Remain Active

Looking at who’s playing and when in more detail, it seems that men still rule the roost in such regard. Men make up the most prominent gender in the world of online casino gaming, with women placing more focus on online bingo than anything else. As activity levels have grown, so have the calls to monitor addiction levels in the market too, but even that has returned positive news. The KSA’s report shows that only 5.2% were showing signs of addiction, a figure that is much lower than elsewhere within Europe at this time.

Calls for Regulation

Given all the positivity emerging from the Netherlands, along with the praise that the market is receiving on gambling portals throughout Europe, calls for regulation have got louder. However, while it seems that many feel regulation could improve the Netherlands’s online casino gaming market to no end, the actual Gaming Bill is currently held up in Dutch Government. It seems that arguments surrounding tax rates are rumbling on, with the gap between the 20% tax for online-based casino operators and the 29% tax for land-based casino operators causing a large amount of contention. It seems that until such issue is resolved the arguments surrounding future regulation will rumble on. Should the matter be worked out, the KSA has targeted a fully regulated online rollout by 2020.

Clear Interest

What is evident is that online casino gaming fans have championed the cause of regulation in the Netherlands, with there being clear interest in it. Leading online casinos have also spoke very positively about the Dutch market, in particular Platinum Play Casino, Roxy Palace, and Mr Green have chimed up to say that they see real untapped potential in the Netherlands. Time will tell if regulation is ever approved in the Netherlands, but if it is, runaway success could be a legitimate outcome.